Bitget KCGI Registration is Heating Up!

The first King’s Cup Global Invitational (KCGI) held by Bitget, a world-renowned derivatives exchange, has seen participants continuously pouring in since its registration started, making it a top-level competition in the crypto industry.

The event opened its registration channels on October 20, receiving broad attention and engagement from professional traders, institutions and authoritative media in the derivatives trading field. Up to now, more than 160 teams have signed up, and the number of registration for the Individual Competition is about to exceed 3,000. As more participants flow in, KCGI is becoming increasingly popular and influential.

It is reported that the competition registration will be closed at 10:00 am(UTC+8) on November 4, 2021. Before that, users still have the chance to sign up through various registration channels on Bidget’s official social media accounts. The event, which comprises  Individual Competition, Team Battle and Additional Sessions, will be held from 2021/10/30 10:00am to 2021/11/20 10:00am (UTC+8).

According to research data and user feedback, the 100BTC prize pool is the most appealing part. Indeed, such a high-level incentive is rare, even in the derivatives trading segment. And it is especially attractive as you can win rich rewards while earning profits. On top of that, the best performers will have the chance to get a sign-on bonus and become the co-ambassador of Bidget’s next KCGI.

We also learn from Bidget’s official website that besides the attractive prize pool of 100 BTC, it offers additional rewards such as 5 million BGB, Meebits NFT, HTC-VIVE VR eyeglasses, DJI drones, PS5 game consoles, HHKB keyboards, Sony-Sennheiser headphones, themed NFTs, among others.

James Lee, the Global Strategy Officer of Bitget told us, “We hope this event can encourage people to showcase their abilities in the spirit of fair play and drive the development of derivatives trading. In the future, we will make KCGI a regular event and increase user engagement.”

Moreover, to deliver a professional trading experience that allows participants to tap into their greatest potential, Bitget has upgraded its trading system and conducted a full-process simulation. It also established a 24/7 multilingual customer support team to ensure the smooth progress of KCGI in every aspect. We are looking forward to seeing a heated battle between participants in this amazing derivatives trading competition.