Bitget KCGI Registration Closed with Record Number of Participants

Bitget‘s first King’s Cup Global Invitational(KCGI), ceased registration at 10:00 AM, November 4, 2021 (UTC+8). According to data on the registration page, the contest has attracted 5351 participants for Individual Competition and 67 sign-ups for Team Battle.

Since the start of registration on October 20, KCGI has received wide attention from various professional traders and authoritative media in the crypto derivatives world. Kicked off on October 30, 2021, the game is in full swing, with participants competing intensively for a larger share of the grand prize.  

This trading competition comes as the crypto derivatives market seeks to strengthen its global impact and inject new vigor into the community. It also happens at a time when the market is branching out, and traders are getting more mature with professional and programmed skills. In this context, the first KCGI powered by Bitget is sure to increase the influence and appeal of derivatives trading.

“We believe that KCGI, as a top event in the industry, will play an essential role to empower talented and passionate crypto traders worldwide,” says James Lee, the Global Strategy Officer of Bitget, “It’s our honor to see such an outpouring of support from the global crypto community. Looking ahead, we are set to turn KCGI into one of the most influential annual events in the derivatives trading field.”

As the competition heats up, participants are trying their best to grab a share of the 100 BTC, 5 million BGB, and limited-edition NFTs, among others. For traders with excellent performance, Bitget will give them more exposure on existing media platforms and designate them as the co-ambassadors of the next KCGI while offering a sign-on bonus of 60,000 BGB, which has become the spotlight of this contest.

To a certain extent, the organization of KCGI has built a communication platform for derivatives traders, allowing users from all over the world to interact through trading activity and fully demonstrate their diversified strategies and skills. By holding this contest, Bitget has set an excellent example of how leading derivatives exchanges can use their clout to make crypto known to a broader audience.

It is reported that Bitget is one of the world’s fasted-growing derivatives trading platforms and also the official partner of Juventus, the Italian soccer giant, and PGL Major, a top esports company.