Bitget Copy Trade: The Basics

Copy Trading suits both newbie investors and seasoned traders that simply don’t have the time to actively buy and sell assets. In this article, we will walk you through the basics of Bitget Copy Trade.

1. What is Copy Trading?

Copy trading refers to the trading that investors copy or follow other investors (commonly known as professional traders/ experts) to have the same positions as the experts they are copying. For investors, copy trading is easy to operate and transactions can be carried out automatically and instantly.

Copy trading was born out of mirror trading in 2005. Initially, investors shared their trading history, allowing others to copy their trading strategies. This scenario formed a social trading network. As the financial market fluctuates intensely, lots of trading platforms start to enter this field to realize second-speed copy trading function by developing software systems.

Copy trading is focused on short-term trading, especially for day trading and swing trading strategies. Therefore, copy trading can apply to the Foreign Exchange Market as well as the Crypto Market.

2. About Bitget’s One-Click Copy Trade

As a leading crypto derivatives trading platform, Bitget has dominated the leading position in the crypto market with multiple product innovations, covering more than 2M registered users from 40+ regions since our launch in 2018.

Launched in 2020, Bitget’s One-Click Copy Trade makes contract trading easier than ever before. So far, Bitget has 12K+ professional traders, with 380K+ followers. Our traders have earned over US$100M in total income, while our followers have collectively made over US$120M. Thanks to its user-friendly design, transparency, and a ‘win-win’ trading environment between traders and followers, Bitget has become the world’s largest digital copy trading platform in terms of scale.

3. Why should you use Bitget’s One-Click Copy Trade?

So, how did we take the lead in this field?

This is all thanks to the design philosophy of the “Copy Trade” product and the win-win trading environment that we have created between traders and followers.

For investors/ followers, they can easily choose an expert trader to follow, then copy their trading movements and gain profit. As the expert trader opens or closes a trade, the investor then copies that trader automatically without any manual interventions.

Integrity is the foundation of a true partnership. To maintain a transparent exchange environment on our platform for all parties, all the trader data is available for public view, and the records have been strictly reviewed by Bitget. Data is reflective of the actual trading behaviors on our platform. Thanks to this, followers can then use Bitget’s One-Click Copy Trade with confidence because all the trading records and the followers’ records can be traced on the platform.

Moreover, Bitget’s One-Click Copy Trade allows followers to follow multiple traders at the same time to gain the maximum profit. The profit is displayed in real-time and in each following order. Followers can also revise the copy amount and the copy contract, or stop the copy orders and close positions to stop loss.

For more detailed guidelines for Investors/ Followers, you may refer to Copy Trade: Things You Need to Know as a Follower

For traders, Bitget’s One-Click Copy Trade is open to all Bitget users, and registering as a copy trader opens the door to multiple revenue streams, including follower commissions and dividends. Some traders have gained 8% in dividend profits from their followers. Moreover, with more than 8000 Daily Active Users for contract trading, Bitget provides huge exposure opportunities for high-quality traders.

For more detailed guidelines for Traders, you may refer to Copy Trade: Things You Need to Know as a Trader

Copy-trading is something you are interested in? Sign up and begin your seamless crypto copy trading journey with us!

We hope that this article will help you understand our copy trading system. If you have any further questions, please contact us through the help at the bottom right of the home page, or check our help page.