Bitget Copy Trade: Things You Need to Know as a Trader

The ultimate guidelines bring together all the basics about Bitget Copy Trade and tips on how to get profit as a trader in one easy-to-read article.

1. Bitget’s One-Click Copy Trade

Why should you use Bitget’s One-Click Copy Trade?

Launched in 2020, Bitget’s One-Click Copy Trade makes contract trading easier than ever before. So far, Bitget has 12K+ professional traders, with 380K+ followers. Our traders have earned over US$100M in total income, while our followers have collectively made over US$120M. Thanks to its user-friendly design, transparency, and a ‘win-win’ trading environment between traders and followers, Bitget has become the world’s largest digital copy trading platform in terms of scale.

For traders, Bitget’s One-Click Copy Trade is open to all Bitget users, and registering as a copy trader opens the door to multiple revenue streams, including follower commissions and dividends. Some traders have gained 8% in dividend profits from their followers. Moreover, with more than 8000 Daily Active Users for contract trading, Bitget provides huge exposure opportunities for high-quality traders.

Integrity is the foundation of a true partnership. To maintain a transparent exchange environment on our platform for all parties, all the trader data is available for public view, and the records have been strictly reviewed by Bitget. Data is reflective of the actual trading behaviors on our platform.

Available Trading Pair to Copy Trade on Bitget

2. Benefits as a Trader on Bitget’s One-Click Copy Trade

Expected profit distribution

Bitget traders can directly get 8% of the follower’s profit as a profit share. 

Profit settlement is settled everyday.

Profit-sharing requirements:

i)The follower and the trader are no longer associated with the position (that is, all following orders of the user that day have been closed), the profit will be shared on the next day.

ii)If the user has a following order which has not been closed, the profit will not be divided until the no position is related, the profit will be summarized on the next day.

3. Requirements to be a Trader on Bitget

5 requirements for applying to be a Trader on Bitget’s One-Click Copy Trade.

(1) Application Requirements:

– There are no positions, open orders, or stop limit orders across the trader’s Futures account (including actual account and simulation account);

– The trader is not following other traders.

– Each trader can only register one account for Copy Trade.

(2) Deposit Requirements: To be displayed on the Trader List of One-Click Copy Trade, traders need to meet the threshold of deposit as follows:


(3) Equity Requirement: To initiate trades on Ex. Copy Trade, the trader must have total equity of no less than 500 USDT in Ex. Futures account ( Ex. USDT Futures and Ex. Inverse). To initiate trades on “Copy Trade”, the trader has to have total equity of no less than 500 USDT in Futures account (USDT-Ⓜ Futures and Coin-Ⓜ Futures);

(4) Traders need to have at least one closed order supported by the platform.

(5) If you have been shown on the trader list, but your current deposit is less than 500 USDT at the present, then you will not be on the trader list. Notes: Your previous followers will not be affected.

4. Process for applying Bitget Copy Trade as a trader

Follow the below easy steps and you are all set to be a trader on Bitget.

(1) Go to “Copy Trade”, click “Become a Trader”, fill in the Trader Application Form, and wait for Review from Bitget team;

(2) Open the API interface

– CreateAPI + The Link of API API Creation Guideline

– Read Copy Trading Interface in Bitget API document API Interface Link

(3) Setup trader Name / Avatar / Intro

– Log in to Bitget APP: Copy Trade-In in the upper right corner, Click on the little man icon in the upper right corner to enter the trader’s homepage. 

– Wait for Review.


i) Chinese characters, letters, and numbers are allowed.

ii) After the nickname is set, it cannot be changed, please operate with caution. In case it needs to be changed later, please contact our customer services. 

iii) Do not display, disclose or imply social accounts or contact information in information display places such as nicknames, avatars, and personal profiles.

5. Ultimate Guidelines and Tips for traders to get profit in Bitget’s One-Click Copy Trade

This section will walk you through Bitget’s One-Click Copy Trade Functions with detailed guidelines and tips.

Initiate a transaction

(1) Trader Homepage—Settings—CopyTrade—Choose trading pair;

(2) Click Initiate Trade on the homepage or open a position on the contract trading page (Initiate trade). After successfully opening an order, you can view the position details in My Copies or Open Orders on the contract page.

Contract upper limit of trader

– When the upper limit is reached, the user will not copy the order when the trader opens a new order;

– The trader must open at least the single minimum order quantity of the futures;

– Upper limit is counted by the total positions of the followers;

– The rule is as follows:

Check the Trader’s position data

Traders can initiate trade on the Copy Trade page or open orders on the Contract page (Initiate Trade), traders can check specific data in My copies or Open Orders. Below are some notes about Trader’s data:

– Position data in My copies is the data of the trader, and does not include the data of followers;

– Each new position will be displayed in Open Orders;

– Liquidated price will not be displayed in Open Orders;

– All positions in a single direction will be merged into Positions on the contract page.

Set the Trader’s leverage

Leverage is a function that enables you to get a much larger exposure to an underlying asset than the amount you deposited to open the trade. Below are the leverage rules for all trading pairs on Bitget’s One-Click Copy Trade.

Profit sharing for traders

Bitget traders can directly get 8% of the follower’s profit as a profit share. 

Profit settlement is settled everyday.

Switch between the Trader’s Cross/Isolated mode

Bitget supports Cross Margin and Isolated Margin trading. You can easily switch to Cross or Isolated Mode on the trading page with the following notes:

– Enter the contract page-click to switch the margin mode on positions;

– No positions, no limit orders, no trigger order are required when switching;

– An order record is generated for Cross/Isolated margin mode when opening an order, and users can follow to open positions;

– Restrict the total position closing and flash closing in the case of Cross/Isolated margin mode, and only closing current orders;

– Restricted to close positions by trigger order during Cross/Isolated margin mode;

– After a contract is switched to Cross margin mode, Bitget will send a message to the following users of Isolated margin mode.

Set Stop Loss (SL) / Take Profit (TP) 

Tutorials to set stop loss / take profit on Bitget’s One-Click Copy Trade.

(1) Copy Trade Homepage – My Copies – Open Orders;

(2) Set SL/TP and the price is displayed;

(3) Set by price or proportion.

Limit order for traders

Bitget supports traders with the use of the limit order to open positions. Part of the position will be closed due to the use of limit order closing, thus the closing position by limit order is not supported.

Close position on Bitget’s One-Click Copy Trade

To close out of a position on Bitget, simply go to the Contract page or Copy Trade page.

Please note that: 

– You can only close positions at market prices;

– The closing function of position on the contract page is not available;

– Each order needs to be closed one by one in the Details of My Orders;

– In the Summary of My Orders, multiple contracts with the same direction can be closed together.

Manage / Remove / Cancel followers

– You can check all the followers and their account equity in Follower on the Copy Trade page.

– You can remove and manage followers;

After removing the user, it only means that the user will no longer follow you to open new orders, but the orders that have been opened will not be affected.

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