Copy Trade: Things You Need to Know as a Follower

The ultimate guide brings together all the basics about Bitget’s One-Click Copy Trade and tips on how to mimic the best for profits.

Bitget’s One-Click Copy Trade

1. Copy-trading definition

Simply input, copy-trading allows you to choose an expert trader to follow, then copy their trading movements and gain profit. As the expert trader opens or closes a trade, the investor/ follower (you) then copies that trader automatically without any manual interventions. You may profit or lose with the trader you have copied.

Copy-trading truly is an innovative concept that can help followers gain profit, but there are still things that you need to be careful of. More detailed guidelines and investment tips will later be shared in this article.

Most importantly, make sure that you don’t just copy other traders blindly. Before investing, take your time on searching/ looking at how traders are rated as well as their trading performance. Bitget’s One-Click Copy Trade offers a rating system that will help you make informed decisions.

2. Why should you use Bitget’s One-Click Copy Trade?

Launched in 2020, Bitget’s One-Click Copy Trade makes contract trading easier than ever before. So far, Bitget has 12K+ professional traders, with 380K+ followers. Our traders have earned over US$100M in total income, while our followers have collectively made over US$120M. Thanks to its user-friendly design, transparency, and a ‘win-win’ trading environment between traders and followers, Bitget has become the world’s largest digital copy trading platform in terms of scale.

For investors/ followers, you can easily choose an expert trader to follow, then copy their trading movements and gain profit. As the expert trader opens or closes a trade, the investor (you) then copies that trader automatically without any manual interventions.

Integrity is the foundation of a true partnership. To maintain a transparent exchange environment on our platform for all parties, all the trader data is available for public view, and the records have been strictly reviewed by Bitget. Data is reflective of the actual trading behaviors on our platform. Thanks to this, you can then use Bitget’s One-Click Copy Trade with confidence because all the trading records and the followers’ records can be traced on the platform.

Moreover, Bitget’s One-Click Copy Trade allows you to follow multiple traders at the same time to gain the maximum profit. The profit is displayed in real-time and in each following order. You can also revise the copy amount and the copy contract, or stop the copy orders and close positions to stop loss.

3. Available Trading Pair to Copy Trade on Bitget

Bitget’s One-Click Copy Trade: Requirements for followers

Below are the step-by-step tutorials for setting up your account and starting Bitget’s One-Click Copy Trade today.

(1) Open the API interface

– CreateAPI + The Link of API API Creation Guideline

– Read Copy Trading Interface in Bitget API document API Interface Link

(2) Setup Follower’s Name / Avatar / Introduction

– Log in to Bitget APP: Copy Trade-In in the upper right corner, Click on the little man icon in the upper right corner to enter the trader’s homepage. 

– Wait for Review.


– Chinese characters, letters, and numbers are allowed.

– After the nickname is set, it cannot be changed, please operate with caution. In case it needs to be changed later, please contact our customer services. 

– Do not display, disclose or imply social accounts or contact information in information display places such as nicknames, avatars, and personal profiles.

(3) The margin requirements for followers on Bitget

The margin principle of contract transactions is concentrated on the margin system of contract transactions – you do not need to pay 100% of the funds when you conduct contract transactions. You only need to invest a small amount of funds at a certain ratio according to the contract value as the collateral for the performance of the contract to participate. For contract purchases and sales, this fund is called margin.


– Leverage highly improves the utilization of funds. High returns are accompanied by high risks.

– The higher the leverage is, the lower the required margin is.

For example:

Zhang currently holds 1 EOS/USDT long position, the leverage is 2X, and the current position margin is 0.15314844 USDT. If the leverage is increased, the margin will be reduced accordingly; if the leverage is reduced, the margin will be increased accordingly.

The margin for copying tradies is shared with the margin for opening a position by yourself.

Bitget Copy Trade: Guidelines and tips on Copy Trading effectively for Followers

To help you along the way trading with Bitget’s One-Click Copy Trade, here are the ultimate instructions and tips on how to mimic the best for profits.

Copy Trade Process on Bitget: (1) Select trader(s) — (2) Set up the copy trading account — (3) Check copy trade data / Edit — (4) Close the position.


Choose Trader(s) to follow

Bitget’s One-Click Copy Trade allows you to follow multiple traders at the same time to gain the maximum profit.

(1) Open the Copy Trade page, analyze the available Traders and choose the one(s) you would like to follow;

(2) Press ‘Follow’ on the right side of the trader’s information.

Understand the Trader’s Profile Details

– ROI (Return on Investment): A metric that shows the efficiency of a trader’s strategy by measuring their performance;

– Total P/L: The total difference in the trader’s account since the opening;

– AUM (Asset under Management): The total assets of one trader’s followers;

– Followers: The total number of followers one trader has;- Operations: If it says Full, you cannot follow that particular trader at the moment. You can, however, sign up for alerts so that you’ll receive notifications from Bitget whenever someone unfollows that trader.

Fail to Follow

There are some potential reasons why you fail to follow a trader.

– The number of trader’s followers has reached the upper limit;

– Your current status is a trader;

– The contract account has no assets;

– The trader’s order limit has reached the upper limit;

– The trader has been canceled;

– The follower is removed by the trader. (Notes: Traders can remove followers at any time. If you are removed, it means you will no longer follow to open new orders, but orders that have been opened will not be affected.)

Set Slot Reminder

In case the preferred trader is full of follower capacity, this feature allows followers to set a reminder to be notified when there is an available slot.

(1) Click the avatar of the trader and enter the personal page of the trader;

(2) Click ‘Slot Reminder’.

When there is an available slot, you will be notified through email and the notification bar in the upper right corner of the Copy Trade page.

Cancel to follow traders

There are two ways you can cancel to follow traders.

(1) Enter ‘Follow Order’, select ‘My Trader’;

(2) Click ‘Edit’ to edit the copy again or cancel to follow the trader.


(1) Enter the follower’s personal settings page;

(2) Click the automatic unfollow button. (Notes: When a trader does not open a position for 21 consecutive days, the follower will be automatically canceled. The default is closed.)

Please note that:

– After canceling to follow, the orders that have been opened will not be affected, and will continue to follow the trader’s closing actions, or you can close the position manually.

– The modified copy parameters are only for new following orders. The orders that have been successfully opened will not be affected.


(1) Choose a trader;

(2) Click ‘Follow’ to enter the setting page.

At the setting page, select from different types of Contract, Follow Modes, Leverage, Risk management;

(3) Click ‘Confirm’.

The detailed instructions are as follows:

(a) Copy contract: select your desired trading pair to be copied. 

Click the ‘Transfer’ button on the right, and transfer your funds;

(b) Follow method: choose fixed count or fixed ratio.

It means that every time a trader opens a position, it will follow at a fixed number or a fixed ratio. The default setting is fixed count;

Fixed Ratio: 0.1~5;

Fixed Count: the fixed count of orders is consistent with the trader. 

(c) Contract Count Limit for followers

– Upper Limit of Single Contract: 3,000U (USDT)

– Upper Limit of Accumulated Contract: 50,000U (USDT) (Accumulated is the maximum number of positions that the follower is holding when following the trader.)

Notes: When the follower follows a trader, the upper position limit for single trade copying can be selected from 10 to 3,000U (USDT), and the maximum accumulated position is 50,000U (USDT). These limits are the same when the follower follows multiple traders.

(d) Leverage type: the leverage can be set uniformly or separately. Followers can choose from three types of leverage: futures setting, customized, and follow the traders;

(e) Set the leverage


– If you already have positions, your leverage will be the same as your previous position leverage, not the same as the trader;

– If you don’t have positions, you will follow at the current leverage, or edit on the Contract page

– After confirming to follow, you can adjust your leverage. The leverage of the follower has nothing to do with the leverage of the trader.

(f) Switch to Cross/Isolated Mode 

(1) Enter Contract Page;

(2) Click Switch margin mode in the upper right corner.

Please note that:

– When switching, there should be no position, no open orders, and no current plan;

– You can open position at cross/isolated margin mode, and records will be generated at the same time;

– You can close position, flash close position, and close position in the following order at cross/isolated margin mode;

– You can close position by limit order at cross/isolated margin mode.


View Copy Trading Data

(a) Copy trading data

– Copy Trade Capital: the sum of the copy trade capital of all closed orders of traders;

– Copy Trade Net Profit: the income of all closed copy trade orders minus the opening and closing fees

(b) Following Order: currently following trades that have been opened and not yet closed

(c) Following trade history: trades that have been closed

(d) My trader: the list of trader(s) you are currently following

View trader’s order data

Followers can view the trader’s order history and current initiated copy data.

Please note that:

– The data of a trader’s order history is displayed in real-time.

– If the order is closed within 60 minutes after the order is placed, the currently initiated copy data of the trader is directly displayed in the order history.

– If the order is not closed for more than 60 minutes after the order is placed, the trader’s current initiated copy data will be displayed in initiated copy, and the trader’s current initiated copy data will be displayed directly in the order history after the position is closed.


Close the position

Followers can close positions through Follow Order on the contract page.


– Each order that the user follows will be separately displayed in the Following order;

– You can close positions one by one in the Details of the Following Order;

– You also can close multiple positions in the same direction of the contract in the Summary of the Initiated Copies;

– All positions in a single direction of contract will be merged into positions.

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