Get Ready for Lunar New Year! Deposit, trade or guess to earn attractive rewards.

Bitget Global Users,

As a token of appreciation for your trust and support throughout the last year, we now invite you to participate in our “Deposit and Trade” event to win rewards prepared explicitly for you.

Period: 28 Jan 2022, 10:00 (UTC+8) – 10 Feb 2022, 10:00 (UTC+8)


1. Deposit to get 200 USDT

Rules: During the activity, users who register and deposit a net value of 500 USDT equivalent and transfer it to the futures account will get 5% of the transferred amount in the form of a trial fund. The reward for a single person will be capped at 200 USDT trial fund and will only distribute to 2000 users.

2. Trade to get 199 BGB

Rules: During the activity, users who register and reach a trading volume of 50,000 USDT on Spot or Futures will get 199 BGB. The reward will only distribute to 2000 users.

3. Guess the right price to get 1999 BGB

Rule: Users need to fill in the registration form before 1 Feb 2022 and write down the estimated daily closing price of the spot trading pair BTC/USDT on 10 Feb 2022 (The price needs to be specific to two decimal places). Ten users with the closest gap between the estimated price and the actual price by absolute value will be the winners and get 1999 BGB.

Click here to sign up: Registration Link


  1. Net deposit = total deposit – total withdrawal (within the period)
  2. All rewards can only be claimed once.
  3. Rewards will be distributed to your account within 5 working days after the activity.
  4. Each participant needs an active Bitget account. Only one user will be considered for users with the same IP address.
  5. Bitget reserves the right to explain the activity and deal with any cheating behaviour of participants.

Trial fund

The trial fund can be directly used to trade on Futures (including Copy Trade), offset transaction fees/losses/funding fees, or be used as margin to open positions, but is not withdrawable. To learn more, please refer to: How to Use Futures Trial Fund 

Bitget team

January 27, 2021.

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