Bitget Token (BGB)

BGB is the utility token of Bitget that can be used to empower social trading and beyond.

BGB Introduction

BGB (Bitget Token) is the native utility token of Bitget. BGB has made adjustments for the rights and interests of the application and has replaced the original platform token BFT (Bitget Defi Token).

BGB has multiple use cases within the Bitget ecosystem. Besides being used by traders to get discounts on trading fees, BGB can also be used as proof of rights and interests for users of different levels, and as a social token for the interaction between fans and copy traders.

The brief introduction of BGB:

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Uses of BGB

BGB is Bitget’s native asset with a wide range of applications and benefits empowering the entire Bitget ecosystem. Let’s check out the ever-growing list of ways you can use BGB.

Fee deduction

BGB offers the platform’s users transaction fees discount on the Bitget exchange.

Futures transaction fees discount: Use BGB as the margin to enjoy a 15% discount on futures contract transaction fees. (coming soon)

Spot transaction fees discount: Use BGB to pay for spot transaction fees and enjoy a 20% discount (see more details here).

Contract margin

You can use BGB as a contract margin for contract trading.

Stake to earn

Pledge BGB to gain value-added income

Trade to earn

Trading BGB can get tiered rewards based on the transaction amount.

Multiply wealth management income

Users who hold BGB positions can buy Bitget wealth management products to get multipliers.


Use BGB to subscribe to the Launchpad quota and access the exclusive early-stage high-quality investment.


BGB is used as a fixed pledge pool for Launchpool, and you can get new currency rewards for pledging BGB.

Vote for listing

Use BGB to vote to decide whether the project will go live and get rewards.

Discount subscription

Users who hold BGB positions can get a minimum 50% discount on popular high-quality currencies.

1U snapped

BGB holders can participate in the 1U limited-time snap-up activity.

Super airdrop plan

BGB holding users can get the exclusive token airdrop from time to time.

Open blind box

Hold BGB to participate in the blind box opening event and win gifts.

BGB lottery

Users with BGB positions can draw a lottery by consuming a small amount of BGB.

BGB Distribution

Total supply: 2,000,000,000 BGB

25%Circulating Supply
Quantity: 500M BGBDescription: Used to swap existing circulating BFT (*)
15%Ecosystem Investment
Quantity: 300M BGBDescription: Bitget ecosystem investment funds
15%Acquisition of New Users
Quantity: 300M BGBDescription: With a maximum of 4% release per year
20%Core Team Incentive
Quantity: 400M BGBDescription: 2% will be unlocked every six months and fully unlocked over five years.
15%Branding and Promotion
Quantity: 300M BGBDescription: With a maximum of 3% release per year will be used as rewards and remuneration for KOLs, media, and communities.
10%Investor Protection Fund
Quantity: 200M BGBDescription: Used for potential platform compensation scenarios (will only be unlocked when the compensation plan is launched).

(*) Notes on the swapping of BGB and BFT

– Swapping ratio : 2BGB = 1 BFT;

– Swapping principles:

Equal circulation proportion and equal value swapping will be applied, the proportion of the circulation will remain the same as before swapping (that is, the proportion of the circulation in the total supply remains unchanged). 

The total supply of tokens before and after the swapping and the circulation ratio is as follows:

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Risk warning

BGB is a utility-type token of the Bitget platform. It is not financial derivatives such as securities, stocks, bonds, etc. Any users holding BGB need to comply with their local laws and regulations, and at their own risk.

Bitget Overview

Established in 2018, Bitget is among the fastest-growing derivatives exchanges. Driven by excellence and innovation, Bitget has launched three first-of-its-kind flagship products – USDT-Margined Contract, One-Click Copy Trade, and Coin-Margined Contract in three years. Bitget now is the world’s fifth-biggest derivatives exchange and the world’s largest cryptocurrency derivatives copy trade platform.


Trading Fees

Bitget charges a variety of fees associated with the different trading products.

– For Futures Transactions: Bitget will charge the Maker a fee of 0.04 percent and the Taker a fee of 0.06 percent for each transaction.

– For Spot Transactions: Bitget will charge the Maker a fee of 0.1 percent and the Taker a fee of 0.1 percent for each transaction.

Withdrawal Fees

Bitget will charge a variety of fees for each withdrawal associated with different assets (see the details here).


Solid product foundation – The product business line consists of spot trading, futures trading, copy trading, and C2C trading, of which copy trading has become the world’s largest cryptocurrency copy trading product.

Excellent technical strength – Independent research and development of product technology, stable system, showing outstanding strength in security defense and response to extreme market conditions.

Strict risk control system – The risk control team is formed by the world’s top financial risk control elites and adopts A+ series risk control rules to protect user assets and ensure transaction safety.

Top-level industry status – Bitget has become the world’s largest cryptocurrency copy trading platform and ranks among the world’s top five in the cryptocurrency futures trading sector.

Global operation – Bitget operates globally across more than 40+ countries and regions with 260+ employees worldwide.

7/24 quality service – Bitget’s account managers, customer service representatives, and global KOLs provide quality services in a timely manner.


Futures trading volume – Worldwide top 5 futures trading volume, with an average daily trading volume equivalent to USD 5 billion.

Copy trade data – Top 1 in the world, with a cumulative number of completed trades exceeding 6 million+

Number of KOLs – The total number of KOLs is 10,000+ worldwide

Platform users – With 2 million users from more than 40 countries and regions including Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia, Russia, Turkey, etc.

Stable system  – No downtime in extreme market conditions and safety risks, and zero safety accidents since day one.

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