Bitget referral program is available now… are you eligible to be a KOL as a Bitget user? Earning up to 2,000 USDT and a 30% commission now!

Hi Bitgetters, 

Bitget now invites a new way to earn crypto without trading with you — the Bitget Referral Program is available now. If you want to buy crypto on Bitget with a “discount” or earn crypto without trading, don’t miss the Referral Program.

The Referral Program is simple, just like you act as a crypto expert or KOL to advertise for Bitget, by inviting your close friends to be new Bitget users, including signing up, depositing and trading on. 

We believe that the invitation from our users will be more influential and persuasive than the paid ads. It doesn’t require thousands of fans or creating Youtube videos. Every Bitget user is welcome to join the Referral Programs and contribute to the ecosystem of Bitget. 

It is a good chance to show your passion for crypto to your friends, and earn crypto at the same time. Each user can earn up to 2,000 USDT and a 30% commission on every trade the referees make!


  1. How to participate in the Referral Program?
  2. Bonus Reward for Referrals
  3. Why Bitget?
  4. Limited one time contest
  5. Remarks

How to participate in the Referral Program?

  1. Go to Bitget website: You can go to the top navigation bar of the Bitget website, APP homepage or the floating window on the homepage and select [Referral Program] to access the page. After that, you may get your own referral code.
  1. Invite friends: Share your referral code and send it to your friends. Invitees who register and complete 100,000 USDT trading volume (either in Spot or Futures) are considered to be successfully invited.

P.S: On-chain deposit only. Internal transfers will not be counted as valid deposits.

  1. Claim your rewards: When your friend successfully registers, deposits funds or completes a transaction, you’re entitled to reward. 
  1. Earn together: You and your friends can earn rewards together via the Reward Center.

Bonus Reward for Referrals 

If you have successfully invited a new user for Bitget,

  1. You will receive 1% of your referee’s first-time futures account deposit as trial funds (max.100USDT per invite and 2,000 USDT in total). 

Rewards are calculated based on the initial deposit in the future account of the referee and distributed within 10 working days after they become a valid user (both the referrer and the referee need to complete KYC). 

  1. You can enjoy a 30% commission on your invitee’s trading transaction fees.

The commission will be limited to 6 months starting from the referees reaching 100,000 USDT in trading volume and will be distributed within 3-5 working days after the referees become valid users.

  1. You will receive 500,000 BGB for every 20 USDT trading volume your referee reaches (Max.1,000 BGB in total). 

It will be calculated after the first transaction of the referees. We will issue the reward within 3-5 working days whenever the accumulated transaction reaches 500,000 USDT.

Why Bitget?

Established in 2018, Bitget is a global leading cryptocurrency derivatives spot, supporting futures and copy trading. 

Here are the advantages that make Bitget stand out from thousands of crypto exchanges. And you may share your own experience and the benefits with referees.

  1. A reliable exchange with global compliance: Bitget has obtained licenses in the U.S, Canada, and Australia. The 24 hours trading volume of 2 million registered users worldwide has reached over $ 5.6 Billion, which has ranked in the top 5 on its daily average futures trading volume in July 2020, currently listed on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko. 
  1. Well-known Copy Trading System: On Bitget’s One-Click Copy, users can choose an expert trader to follow by copying their trading movements. 

There are 12K+ professional traders, with 380K+ followers so far. Our traders have earned over US$100M in total income, while our followers have collectively made over US$120M.

  1. Industry-leading Security: Bitget offers risk control with hot & cold wallet segregation, which can protect the assets of users that can’t be stolen easily. 

The security system is backed by Suntwin Technology, Qingsong Cloud Security, HEAP, and Armors, which has got 12 A+ ratings from SSL Labs, a common way to measure the security of a website.  

  1. Potential Game-Fi on Bitget Launchpad: Bitget has already launched several potential new Game-Fi tokens projects since the beginning of 2022. It is a new platform for users to look for new crypto projects and airdrops. Through Bitget Launchpad, you may seek new opportunities.
  1. Your own trading experience with Bitget.
  1. And much, much more.

Please don’t hesitate to share your experience with your friends. Your crypto trading journey is much more powerful and attractive than paid ads.

Limited one time contest

To celebrate the launching of the Referral Program, we are glad to hold a limited-time referral contest, which allows you to share 20,000 USDT by inviting friends to join Bitget!

Benefit 1: During the activity, you can share the APP to invite friends to sign up for Bitget and participate in the referral contest. We will rank all participants by the number of valid referees and distribute rewards accordingly.

Benefit 2: Users not on the ranking list will share 14,000 USDT in proportion to the number of valid users they invited.

For more information, please refer to the Participate in Our Referral Contest announcement;


  1. Please check the Referral Program page for detailed rules.
  2. During the event period, users can participate in the Referral Program and Invite friends at the same time.
  3. An invitation is only valid when the referee registers via your referral link or code. Both the referrer and the referee need to complete KYC.
  4. Bitget reserves the right of final interpretation of the Terms and Conditions, including but not limited to amending, changing or canceling the event without prior notice. Please contact us if you have any questions.