Accelerating the Crypto Movement in Japan: Bitget Releases 15% Fees Discount Program for all Futures Trading

Bitget continues to drive crypto mass adoption in Asia with the launch of a Futures Fees Discount Program, designed exclusively for the Japan market.

The pioneer of crypto derivatives trading

Bitget was founded four years ago, aiming to lower both the entry barriers to crypto and the threshold to contract trading. Step by step, Bitget has worked on innovative solutions for the crypto industry, thereby successfully claimed the top five position on the list of best crypto exchanges worldwide. We also enjoy a strong start in 2022 as Bitget currently ranked 2nd worldwide in terms of daily volume for futures trading, setting an all-time record of $7.82 billion.

Growing recognition

One year after launch, Bitget was already ranked in the top 30 crypto exchanges in the world. Impressive enough, we only began to map out our derivatives plan in 2019, which means Bitget Spot Trading has enticed global users since the very beginning. Our product design philosophy is solely based on perfecting the customer experience; these efforts have been handsomely rewarded with more than 2 million loyal users from 46 countries – the number keeps growing. Officially recognised as a leader in the crypto derivatives market in terms of liquidity and global open interest, Bitget is even more motivated to bring high-quality products to our users.

Reliable crypto trading platform

Bitget is proud to be one of the most trusted crypto exchanges thanks to the focus on security and compliance. Headquartered in Singapore, the key financial centre of Asia, Bitget has made every effort to provide top-notch customer protection by getting operational licence from three different authorities – the U.S., Canada and Australia, and at the same time adhering to local regulations to conduct uninterrupted operations across the globe.

Bitget has additionally set the bar very high for security standards. A combination of hot and cold wallets, validated by giants in security tech: Suntwin Technology, Qingsong Cloud Security, HEAP, Armors, is implemented to protect the exchange from potential attacks. Users are always advised to turn on the two-factor authentication (2FA) for their own accounts to actively enhance the security settings on Bitget.

To no surprise, Bitget receives an A+ ranking for 12 SSL indicators, together with genuine appreciation from the crypto community.

Constant innovation

Based on user feedback, Bitget applies a phased rollouts to deliver refined products only. For contract trading, users can deliberately choose from Bitget USDT-Ⓜ Futures, Bitget Coin-Ⓜ Futures and Bitget Copy Trade.  Bitget is indeed the world’s largest digital copy trading exchange with an accumulated user income of $220 million. That would be an impossible achievement without our customer-oriented product design.

The newly released Bitget Launchpad further showcases Bitget support for the blockchain startup landscape, while giving investors secured exposure to a wider range of investments.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Bitget believes in the positive impacts that digital transformation is bringing to the world. Bitget women are a powerful voice in the technological industry, meaningfully helping solve the diversity problem in crypto. Besides, Bitget products and services obviously serve the greater good by giving our global users easy access to financial solutions as well as promoting financial and technological literacy via data analytic tools (powered by IntoTheBlock, CryptoHero), AMA Sessions, Live Discussion Panels with industry experts and seasoned traders.

Our global expansion move

To assist more users on their journey to a better future, Bitget has been working on a full-speed worldwide expansion. Our website, application and guidelines are available in more than 10 languages where the Bitget local community is thriving. From a compliance perspective, we are extremely responsive to changes in regional laws, regulations and policies to ensure user trust and protect user rights.

Bitget has formed close partnerships with big names in different industries to promote crypto adoption as well as improving our services, such as Juventus and PGL (sport/esport), IntoTheBlock (crypto market intelligence), CryptoHero (crypto trading bot software), etc. We also join the international blockchain and crypto conferences, sticking up for mainstream crypto adoption.

Bitget experts at the Paris Blockchain Week 2022.


Within 6 months after Bitget’s official launch in Japan, we have received very positive feedback from Japanese users. An overall 4.7 rating in the iOS Appstore for Japan, accompanied by actual reviews on our foolproof interface and beginner-friendly products, undoubtedly highlights the record level of customer satisfaction that we have achieved. 

Japanese user reviews. Source: iOS App Store (Check out the full reviews here)

Bitget has rooted ourselves deep in the local settings. We have established dedicated social media channels Line, Twitter, Instagram, Telegram, and Youtube for the Japanese so that our Japan-based peers have a safe space for meaningful discussions and official updates, not to mention our 24/7 online customer support team. You can ask for help at any time, we are always there!

Staking up against our rivals

Our major advantage lies in the unique blend of security, margining system and competitive trading fees. Crypto Exchange Ranks (CER) has listed Bitget as one of the top 10 exchanges by Cybersecurity – an acknowledgement for our efforts to effectively safeguard our users’ funds over the past four years.

To even inspire more crypto activities in Japan, Bitget will launch a new Futures Trading Fee Discount Program on April 27, 2022 at 7:00 UTC. All Japan-based account holders, both new and existing, will qualify for this direct 15% discount on contract trading fees.

Exclusively for Japanese users: 15% off futures trading fees on Bitget

Our trading fees are the same for Bitget USDT-Ⓜ Futures and Bitget Coin-Ⓜ Futures, currently standing at 0.02% for Makers and 0.06% for Takers. Combining with our leverage levels, it is undeniable that Bitget is the lowest-cost option for futures trading.

Suppose Peter places a ¥12,800,000 (approximately US$100,000) Bitcoin long order on each of these four platforms, which is executed immediately. Below is his trading plan which the comparison for exchanges options:

An example of the investment plan for Peter,

who qualifies for the Futures Trading Fee Discount Program in Japan

Trading on Bitget requires the lowest amount of capital, from both the leverage and the fee perspective. As the maximum leverage for Bitcoin futures contract on Bitget is 125X, the deposit Peter has to make for a new Bitcoin position equals ¥102,400 – that is ¥25,600 (US$200) less than Bybit and only one-sixth of the initial margin on FTX. Assuming that the order is executed instantaneously, Peter needs to pay the Taker fee. With the 15% exclusive discount for the Japanese market, Bitget users in Japan pay the lowest trading fees out of three exchanges: only ¥6,528 (US$50) compared to ¥7,680 (US$60) of Bybit and ¥8,960 (US$70) of FTX. Overall, futures trading on Bitget requires the least amount of deposit (at 0.85% of the contract value), full functionalities retained. Japan-based users can truly utilise their trading capital with the drop of this trading fee discount program for contract trading.

Keep in mind that not only Bitget Coin-Ⓜ Futures and Bitget USDT-Ⓜ Futures, but also Bitget Copy Trade are subject to the program. Don’t forget to combine it with our New User Reward Package to minimise your trading costs!

The Futures Trading Fee Discount Program for Japanese users currently has no end date. Bitget team hopes to deliver our global-quality products to as many users as possible, ushering in the golden age of crypto on the Land of the Rising Sun.

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