Be in the spotlight: Bitget’s KCGI How-Tos

As our King’s Cup Global Invitation will officially start in a few days, we are excited to prep you for this huge event! This guide will walk you through all sorts of requirements, processes and notes to ensure your successful participation in Bitget’s most awaited trading competition.


Registration starts on May 9th, 10:00 AM (UTC +8). To join the event, you’ll need to open a Bitget account here

For existing Bitget users, please visit the KCGI official page. Before proceeding, make sure you have at least 300 USDT in your unified futures account. Don’t know how to transfer funds to your futures account yet? Here is a quick catch-up:

– Move your pointer to Asset on the upper right corner of the website

– Click on Transfer

– Choose USDT as the coin to be transferred and enter the amount (minimum 300 USDT)

– Review the details and Confirm to finish.

All Bitget users are welcome to enter both individual and team competitions for a better chance of winning. Below are the separate instructions for individual competitions and team competitions.

Individual Competitions

As the name suggests, traders will compete against each other in the individual trading tournaments. Trading results will be sorted by Profits and P/L Ratio:

(1) Profits:

Profits are calculated solely for Futures Accounts. The formula is given by:

Profits = Account balance (incl. Unrealised P/L)

– Initial net value (incl. Unrealised P/L)

+ Withdrawals during the event

– Deposits during the event

– Trial fund (if applicable)

(2) P/L Ratio:

P/L Ratio is also limited to Futures Accounts only. The formula is given by:

P/L Ratio = (Profits / Initial net value of the total deposit) * 100%

The number of participants and trading results will be updated every five minutes, along with the estimated rewards in BTC. A total prize pool of 100 BTC will be unlocked bit by bit in accordance with the number of participants: less than 10,000 participants will unlock 5 BTC, 10,000 to 20,000 participants 10 BTC, 20,000 to 30,000 participants 20 BTC, 30,000 to 40,000 participants 50 BTC and 40,000+ participants 100 BTC. Other in-kind prizes will be awarded to top 3 traders of each category.

How to join Individual Competition 

Step 1: To participate, click on Join Individual Competition

Step 2: You’ll see a notification that asks for the cancellation of all copy-trade activities. Make sure to follow this rule before clicking on I understand.

Step 3: Enter the nickname you want to use and your email address. You’ll receive important notifications via this email address; please take time to check your emails regularly. Click Submit and you’re done!

Team Competitions

While trading alone showcases your expertise skills, trading in teams will help you connect with like-minded crypto enthusiasts around the globe. Similar to the individual competitions, more teams will unlock more BTC from the prize pool. However, teams are ranked based on trading profits and their geographic location.

The formula for calculating profits (of Futures Accounts) is given by:

Profits = Account balance (incl. Unrealised P/L)

– Initial net value (incl. Unrealised P/L)

+ Withdrawals during the event

– Deposits during the event

There are two options here for Bitget users: you can either join an existing team or form a new team yourself. Please refer to the next section for details on becoming the team captain. Of the top three teams on the global ranking, three team members that generate the most profits will receive extra perks as announced on the Official Team Battle Page.

How To Join A Team

Step 1: Find an existing team in your area by checking the ranking list. Click Join.

Step 2: Don’t forget to cancel all your copied trades before proceeding.

Step 3: Confirm that you want to join that particular team. This action cannot be revoked or changed afterwards.

How to Become a Team Captain

As mentioned above, you can totally create your own team in four easy steps:

Step 1: Visit the Official Team Battle Page. Click on Create team.

Step 2: Again, please cancel all the activities related to Bitget Copy Trade.

Step 3: Fill in the information required and click Submit. Voilà, you’re all set!

In addition to the team rewards, team captains will be able to receive different rewards when:

(1) their team ranks in top 10 globally: 10% value of the total team prize;

(2) their team ranks in top 7 globally: an additional folding bike;

(3) there are more than 20 members in the team: a bonus of 600 USDT.

Please keep in mind that the futures account balance of each team member must stand at min. 30 USDT and the total trading volume of each team member must exceed 50,000 USDT.

Make your time count

This event is not only designed for winning and having fun, but also suitable for traders with long-term vision. You’re planning to become a professional trader? Participate in KCGI, get to know other peers and prove yourself – It’ll be an honour to have you join your team of experts on Bitget Copy Trade later!

Total prize pool

Just a reminder for all participants and participants-to-be: KCGI’s prize pool is 200 BTC, not to mention other in-kind rewards and bonuses!

Enjoying the perks

There are several rewards along the way for you to explore! We are currently in the Early Bird phase, which means 300 first captains to complete their team before May 15, 2022 will receive 50 USDT as trial funds. Meanwhile, the first 1,000 individuals who sign up for the KCGI (no later than May 15, 2022) will each receive 20 USDT as trial funds.

During the competition, there are chances to claim up your deposit rewards and play the lottery to collect BGB, USDT and coupons as well! Check out our introductory article here for more information: Bitget KCGI 2022

Last but not least: The more Bitgetters to participate in this Spring KCGI, the more prizes to be unlocked! Invite your friends today 😉