What is Revoland? First Real MOBA Blockchain Game on HUAWEI CLOUD that challenging AOV and LOL

Have you played LOL, AOV and DOTA 2 with your friends? Actually, they are all MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) games, allowing two teams of players to compete against each other on a predefined battlefield. 

According to the statistics provided by statista, total monthly revenue of MOBA mobile games in 2021 exceeds $300 million, which has doubled since 2017.

Due to the Blockchain technology, MOBA games have reached a new peak — Play-to-Earn, allowing gamers to make money while they are battling online. 

And Revoland, is the first play-to-earn MOBA game based on Blockchain on HUAWEI Cloud. 


  1. What is Revoland? 
  2. How to earn a passive income in Revoland as a player? 
  3. The Important Schedule Reminder
  4. The Step by Step Guide of participating in the project
  5. Terms & Conditions

What is Revoland? 

Revoland is a Blockchain-based MOBA game on HUAWEI Cloud. Different from the current Blockchain games on the market, in Revoland, players are not only trading and holding in-game assets to earn a passive income only.

The developing teams combine the elements of mobile games and game-fi models, players can gather their friends to form teams to fight against others. They can be rewarded with tokens for their individual techniques and teamwork in multiple game modes.

In the future development, Revoland will be created as a Web3-based community:

Players can use the tokens won in battles to access more characters and experience upgrades of the game.

How to earn a passive income in Revoland as a player? 

The unique play-to-earn business model is the rocket fuel of Revoland to encourage players to participate with their friends. Here is a step-by-step money making guide as a player of Revoland:

  1. Purchase and trade heroes with $REVO via NFT marketplace when appreciation. (Register as a player of Revoland to get three heroes for free.)
  2. Obtain $LAND as a reward by participating in game battles and winning.

Both $REVO and $LAND can be traded on multiple exchanges and converted into real money.

Unlike holding or trading in-game assets, players in Revoland with excellent techniques and teamwork will be rewarded with real money. They can develop a new stream of income by being players!

It is important to the development of the Web 3 and Game-Fi. The reward system of Revoland can attract more serious players, who will truly contribute to the development of Revoland but not speculators.

Here is the road map of the business model of Revoland:

The Important Schedule Reminder

Date and Time(UTC)Schedule
From June 13, 11:00 amtoJune 18, 11:00 am1.Registration2.Ticket Redemption3.Snapshot Period
June 18, 11:00 amTicket Distribution
From June 18, 11:00 amtoJune 20, 11:00 amTicket Exchange Period
June 20, 3:00 pmToken Distribution & Listing

The Step by Step Guide of participating in the project

Impressed by the vision of Revoland? Follow the highlights below to earn new tokens:

  1. Hold & Gain

Registration will be available from June 13, 11 AM to June 18, 11 AM (UTC). Registered users are eligible to participate in the token sale to subscribe to REVO. 

Registered users can hold any assets (in both Spot & Futures accounts) to win the lottery tickets based on their holding amounts. A snapshot of users’ assets will be taken at a random time during the Launchpad duration to calculate the daily holdings. (Please refer to The Important Schedule Reminder)

P.S: Holding BGB, the native token of Bitget, can guarantee a 2x value for Launchpad.  Eg. Holding $100 in BGB equals 200 USDT.

Hold and Gain(Spot & Futures)
Holding Amount (in USDT)Ticket (s) Gained
50 – 4991
500 – 1,9992
2,000 – 4,9994
5,000 – 9,9996
10,000 – 29,99910
30,000 – 49,99912
50,000 – 99,99914
100,000 – 199,99916
200,000 – 499,99920
  1. Trade & Gain

Trading in both spots and futures to claim additional tickets on top of what you have!

P.S: Users must obtain at least 1 ticket from the ‘Hold & Gain’ session to participate in the ‘Trading Bonus’ session.

P.P.S: Trading BGB, the native token of Bitget, can guarantee a 2x value for Launchpad. Eg. Trading $100 in BGB equals 200 USDT.

Total Trading Volume (in USDT)Ticket(s) Gained 
100,000 199,9995
  1. Everyone’s a Winner: Consolation Prize – 5,000 REVO ($2,400)

Users who do not win the lottery, can earn from a consolation prize pool of 5,000 REVO, proportional to the total number of tickets they held.

  1. New Users Bonus – 4,000 REVO ($6,000)

All users who register as a Bitget user after the 13th June (after the announcement was released), and participating in Launchpad for the first time, holding at least $500 can get 10 REVO each

P.S: Reserved for the first 400 users only. 

  1. Invite and Earn – 2,000 REVO ($3,000)

Users who invite their friends to register on Bitget and hold at least $500 (must register Launchpad), can get 10 REVO for each referee. 5 referees maximum per user. Total prize pool is 2,000 REVO, first come first served.

  1. Token Exchange

You can exchange BGB for an equal value of REVO from June 18, 11am to June 20, 11am(UTC), proportional to your winning tickets.

  1. Token Distribution and Listing

The REVO/USDT trading pair will be available for traders from 20 June, 3 PM(UTC) onwards.  Based on your final REVO allocation result, the corresponding BGB equivalent will be deducted from your committed amount, while your REVO allocation will be credited to your Spot Account. 

Please note that the maximum amount of REVO you can receive is capped at 800 REVO, and the amount that exceeds the limit will be allocated to participants who haven’t reached this cap yet.

  1. BGB Special Round

There will be a BGB Special Round for BGB holders only.  If REVO tokens have not been fully exchanged, we will distribute the unexchanged tokens to BGB holders based on the proportion of users BGB average daily holding amount. 

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